September 21st, 2010

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FREE Art Show , Barbeque, Ale Tasting, Fly Fishing Wing Ding  all at the Barber Gallery

I am passing this on for my dear friends at the Barber Gallery, and I will be there to help out at this awesome event! Please feel free to pass it on to others in the area who would enjoy some great food, drink and art! :D


Small business has come together for this one - all free- event....Barber Gallery, Valeriote's Market, Wellington Brewery, Grand River Conservation Authority, Chuck's Sticks, Hook Line and Sinker, Invoke-Tress Dance Theatre, Braclet of Hope, 40 visual Artists and a special thanks to the Macdonald Family for historical works by Guelph's Evan Macdonald.

We'll be bbqing the 100 yard diet - hot dogs and Italian sausage from Valeriote's market, beer from Wellington Brewery, and Leslie's munchies as always lovingly grown in her garden,cooked, and prepared in her own kitchen 1 block from gallery

Here's what it's all about:
Hi Everyone - We're having a neighbourly art, bbq, and fly fishing party and we hope you can come!
It's Saturday September 25th from 1-4 - and we hope you can pop by for a while, and say Hi!

It's an Art Show , Barbeque, Ale Tasting, Fly Fishing Wing Ding all at the Barber Gallery - indoors and out.....We invite you to come join this Indian Summer celebration. Enjoy the art show, munchies, barbeque, ale tasting, demos and river sport....a river quest party, great for adults and kids, all welcome.... and more!

Hope you can come!

Les/Barber Gallery 824-0821, office 824-8037

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