Sid (neoengel) wrote in 519cafe,

Beware of the Energy Marketers again - with bonus name change

After my second encounter this weekend with energy marketers I felt it would be wise to share my findings.  I've had run-ins with what appears to be a new company going door to door trying to sucker get people to sign contracts for gas/hydro.

This new company is called "Just Energy", the same company that changed its name recently from Universal Energy - a company that was exposed by CBC News: Marketplace, "Power of Persuasion" earlier this year.

I want to warn folks that it looks like it's the same thing again and if someone comes to your door, please arm yourself or those they prey upon with information.  Don't show them your bill no matter what they say or who they claim to represent.  Previous incarnations of this trade such as Ontario Energy Savings, Direct Energy, etc. been caught before and from my experience the names of the company(s) change but their methods do not.

Caveat: sometimes their services may be worth it, but the tactics observed used by "Energy Marketers" going door to door are downright scammy.


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